Latest Generation London Taxi Revealed by Geely

The wraps have been taken off the latest edition of the London Taxi and this was done with the Chine Premier as well as the Duchess and Duke of Cambridge in attendance. It is called the TX5 and has the iconic design of the London Taxis but does see an upgrade in order to conform to modern amenities.

In terms of looks, the car comes with a large vertically slatted grille and the round headlights which are hallmarks of the cab. The lights will now act as projector units. In addition to this, chrome bezels have been added to the fog lamps and grey coloured bumpers have been added as well. Steel wheels and flared wheel arches can also be seen from the side view of the car.

Geely taxi

Since the company has revealed just the one picture of the cab, it is not possible to say a lot of things about the mechanics and looks just yet. However, it is known that it will have bench seats with space for six in the cabin with people sitting facing each other. The cab also has wheelchair holding capability, WiFi connection, a rear opening door as well as a panoramic sunroof.

Geely has effectively managed to bring together all the necessary elements to retain the look of the classic and bring it to it a taste of the modern. The car will be produced in Warwickshire and can be expected on London streets by 2017.

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