6 hours Silverstone gets finished by Karun Chandhok in 7th Position

Karun Chandhok, the Indian racing star along with his JRM Racing finished 6 hours Silverstone in the 7th position. In the fourth round of the 2012 FIA World Endurance Championship, he became fourth in the privateer class. JRM entered into the championship in the LMP1class few months back and has shown noticeable improvement and has started competingwith the privateers. There were accidents in the race. Peter Dunbreck started the race and experienced a spin when he reached the first corner. He rejoined the race buthad to try hard to get back to comfortable position among all LMP 2 cars from the20th position. He was already in the seventh position, when he handedover his car to Karun Chandhok after 1.5 hours.

Karun drove #22 for more than threehours and then steadily started moving up in the order. He first picked up Nick Leventis and his Strakka Racing by having 5 sec/lap. Then he took off #13 Rebellion and reached the fifth position when he was in the middle of the race. At 1.5   hours from the race, a spin through Copse Corner forced the team back to seventh but David was determined and the race was finished two laps behind #12.  Karun Chandhok commented that the team has moved on as compared to the last WEC event at Spa. The speed is definitely better as compared to other privateers. He also stated that he was able to compete with the speed of Strakka and Rebellion most of the time.It was unfortunate that he was going into Copse and in order to get past a GT went on to marbles and lost the grip and the car spun.

6 hours Silverstone gets finished by Karun Chandhok in 7th Position

The team manager and chief engineer Nigel Stepney feels that the team is positive about doing well in Brazil. There are only three weeks left for the Interlagos and the team is trying to work out how to have everything work together. Nigel stated that despite   the spin the car suffered at the beginning of the race, it ran fine. Throughout the six hours of the race, the team maintained same lap as the other privateers. It depicts that the car has good speed and the team is getting closer towards a better result as a whole. For rest of the championship, the team gets confident enough. If all the factors work together the team will give tough competition to others in   Brazil.

The next race is scheduled at Interlagos in Brazil on 15th September.

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