675 Swift cars being rolled out of Maruti’s Manesar plant daily

We all know that Maruti Suzuki is currently facing a crisis regarding the production of their cars. The reason behind the same is the incessant behavior of the workers in their Manesar plant and due to which production of many cars has been halted or temporarily suspended. However, good news has trickled by wherein it has been reported that the 2011 Maruti Swift’s production continues to be in the region of 675 cars and this is a combined output from the Maruti factories at Gurgaon and Manesar.

A compromise on the quality of cars being produced was been done by the Maruti workers and hence the Maruti management had to resort to a bond signing following which the workers were allowed to enter the factory premises. However, some of the workers backed off from signing this bond and hence the Maruti management had to bring in new workers to replace them. In the Manesar plant, there are currently only 1500 people available, of which trained technicians and experienced people number 1120.

2011 Maruti Suzuki SwiftThe 2011 Maruti Swift already has a long waiting period to its credit and this strike has ensured that this waiting periods only increase rather than decrease by any lengths.

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