Mitsubishi thinking of bringing in a 7 seater Outlander

Whilst the automobile market has been hyper active this year, its Mitsubishi which has been keeping its plans on the back burner every now and then. There have been speculations of a new Pajero coming in and in a bid to stop the wagging tongues; Mitsubishi launched a face-lifted Pajero, which turned out to be only some color schemes for the Pajero with nothing new under the skin.

Cut to the present and there are new rumors being afloat that Mitsubishi are looking to being in a 7 seater Outlander and intensify the war in the D segment SUV market. This new Outlander would be launched towards the end of 2011. Well, the prospect of bringing in a 7 seater is certainly alluring, however, at the same time, the lack of a diesel engine is something which is hurting the 5 seater Outlander’s sales prospects. It remains to be seen if Mitsubishi can actually bring in a diesel engine for the 7 seater Outlander. If it does, then a proper battle would ensure between the Fortuner, Endeavor and also the Santa Fe. We will keep you updated on the launch date, other prospects as and when they come by.

Mitsubishi Outlander

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