A 1960 Classic Ferrari might become world’s most expensive cars

“Ferrari is a priceless car” said by a proud ‘Ferrari’ owner, and we strongly believe the same. Classic Ferrari is a very rare piece. Though you are willing to pay the world’s biggest amount on a check, chances are very rare that you might be able to get it. The 1960 250 GT SWB Berlinetta Competizione is one of it. Ferrari had rolled out only 74 models of it. And it is expected to fetch a whopping ‘4 million pounds’, if auctioned.

In 2011, a similar model was auctioned for 3.1 million pounds. And now this one is expected to fetch 4 million pounds in the current year. The price has reached beyond limit in a very short span of time for this particular model. This model is the 17th in a series that has rolled out proudly from the Ferrari production house in Italy in the year 1960. Till date, it has passed only through four owners.

A 1960 Classic Ferrari might become world's most expensive cars
An expert from the industry says that this Ferrari is unmatchable. Its sound and driving experience is just awesome. It sports a three liter V12 engine under hoods which help it to zip from 0-60 mph in less than six seconds. It is one of the most-exclusive vehicles built in the world’s history and it’s a very rare case that such vehicles come for auction in public. It is the heartthrob of every car-lover.

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