Now Book A Bajaj Qute Taxi Through Uber

Now Book A Bajaj Qute Taxi Through Uber

Ever thought of riding the Bajaj Qute Quadricycle? No you don’t need to buy one now to ride one. You need to use Uber, which most people living in cities already do. Uber would be introducing a new category in its app called Uber XS.

But for now the feature would be available for users in Bengaluru. Although we do not yet know what the fares for Uber XS will be, we believe it would be higher than Uber Auto. The Bajaj Qute runs on a 216cc, single-cylinder, liquid-cooled engine which draws its power from either petrol or CNG.

Just last year the Qute was categorised in the non-transport category by Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, thus making it available for personal and commercial use.

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