A Man In Punjab Is Driving His Fiat Backwards Since 2003

Certainly, all human beings in the world have a tendency to do unique, but some of them make a choice to keep it doing throughout their life. And here an example from Bhatinda, Punjab, has outdone others in the ranking.

Harpeet Dev, the Punjabi man started driving his Fiat backwards since 2003, had claimed it wasn’t by choice when he did it for the first time. Due to several complications on one of his trips to outside the town (and also the lack of money) left him with no choice other than the reverse gear to reach the destination. Since then, he continued to drive in reverse gear. The state government had granted special permission to his car that does come with an ambulance siren for cautioning the pedestrians, and headlights in the place of tail lights.

That trip which had compelled him to take the reverse gear is also costing him the back and neck problems.

A Man In Punjab Is Driving His Fiat Backwards Since 2003

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