A New Range Rover Positioned Between Evoque And Sport Coming Soon?

Apparently, New York Motor show has sliced more oncoming truth of the automotive industry than the Geneva Motor show. Another from the haystack of such inclinations, a media house from Australia was found saying, Range Rover is in the process of developing a SUV positioned between Evoque and Sport. The gap between these two is quite wide, and a new product will comfortably sit there without a hick.

As per the report, Evoque may share its platform in the modified format with this newbie. This new SUV will aim buyers who wish to go for a vehicle larger than the Evoque but not as big as Sport, with five seats.

A New Range Rover Positioned Between Evoque And Sport Coming Soon?
Gerry McGovern, Director of Design, Land Rover, said, there are several white space in lineup which can turn out good opportunities if hit them rightly. Chances are most likely for this model to debut on the sales floor in international markets during 2018, whereby the concept will shed its cover at the earliest in these coming years.

Went specifying further Mr. McGovern also confirmed there is something special stored for the Frankfurt Motor Show from Land Rover this year in September. Apparently, it could be the Range Rover Evoque Cabriolet ready for the production trim.

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