After CNG Ertiga, Tata Motors launches Nano emax, CNG hybrid of Nano

Tata motors is acting pretty strange these days. When the big brands all around the nation and globe, are launching newer and newer models each day to capture the market; Tata on the other hand has launched 8 models, which are simply upgraded versions of its already existing cars. One of the 8 models is Nano emax, which is the CNG version of its least expensive car, Nano. It was surprising that, at the launch Tata did not declare any plans of launching completely new cars and not just upgraded versions.

Tata Motors is an Indian automobile manufacturing company. It is a part of the mighty Tata Group. The automobile section was started in the year 1945 and was involved with the production of various commercial vehicles. When we talk about the volume of production, Tata motors is ranked as 18th in the world. For truck manufacturing, it is the 4th in the world whereas for buses, it is the world’s second largest company.

Tata Nano, popularly called the 1-lac car, was launched in the year 2009. Since then it has remained the cheapest car in India. The model used lesser amount of steel in its framework, lesser unessential features and some innovative technology to bring down the car cost to a mere 1 lac. It did set the market restless after its launch, but as if 2012 its sales have fallen greatly. Estimates say that in March 2013, there was a fall of 27% in the Nano car sales.

Tata Nano emax

Amidst this, Tata redesigned its Nano with a CNG kit and brought to the market, Nano Emax. Nano Emax has a CNG tank with a 32 litre capacity. It is promised to give an average of 36km/kg. It is also said to release the least amount of carbon di oxide, making it highly Eco friendly. The car has a button on the inside, with which the user can switch on and off the CNG mode.

The Managing director of Tata Motors, Karl Slym, has said that Tata Motors is not planning to produce cars only in the fields it has seen popularity in. It plans to venture in each and every filed to get its hold over the market. He has stated that Tata has a manufacturing plan of up to 2020 for the Indian Market and has a investment of a whooping 75 billion Rupees in its passenger car section of which 70% is to be used for completely new models.

We hope that Tata Motors once again gets to be the leader in the home market, like it used to be.

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