All-new Ford Fiesta PowerShift Automatic launched in India

Ford rolled out the all-new Fiesta with a starting price of Rs 8.99 lacs for the base model and Rs 9.70 lacs for the Titanium+ variant. The prices are as per ex-showroom Delhi.

After unveiling the Fiesta sedan last year, Ford India has launched the much-anticipated sedan, Fiesta PowerShift Automatic. The automatic variants in C-segment was getting increasingly popular with Honda, VW and Hyundai already launching Automatic gearbox variant across multiple models, Ford has just buckled up to joined the race.

All-new Ford Fiesta PowerShift Automatic launched in India

The launch of the new sedan took place at Shah Jehan Hall, Taj Palace Hotel in New Delhi. Ford is aiming a notch higher with the launch of an automatic version of the much-appreciated Fiesta.

Styling of the Fiesta is kept to the minimal with more attention paid to the aesthetics and the newly employed PowerShift Automatic transmission. Interiors of the new Fiesta feature Auto AC, chrome finished deck-lid and leather steering wheel, which adds to the luxury of the C-segment Sedan. Moreover, the top-end Titanium+ features leather seats, Bluetooth voice control, alloy wheels, auto power-fold mirrors, reverse parking sensor and chrome front grille, adding quality to the ride.

It is not the usual 4-speed gearbox, instead Ford employed dual clutch powerShift automatic gearbox, a patented technology for the Fiesta. The 1.5-litre Ti VCT petrol engine powers the car and with the new tranny in place, the driving experience is remarkably enhanced. This 1.5-litre motor delivers an output of 110bhp and has a torque of 140Nm, which is an astonishing figure for a small size powerplant. Ford claims the new Fiesta to have an improved fuel economy now that the automatic transmission is employed. It is expected to give around 16.45 kmpl, not the best of figures, but looking at the fact it is an American car, the figure is quite impressive.

Speaking at the launch of the Fiesta PowerShift Automatic, Michael Boneham, President and Managing Director of Ford India, said “The all-new Fiesta PowerShift Automatic really opens up the segment by making the aspirational become achievable. With class-leading features like voice-control with Bluetooth, cruise control and rear-parking sensors, it offers our customers the next level of comfort and convenience.”

The Fiesta PowerShift Automatic is service-free transmission, which requires no maintenance for 10years or 2,40,000kms. This reduces the maintenance cost of the Fiesta, and not even the transmission oil needs to be changed during that period.

Weighing just 73kg, the new gearbox is designed to work with torque figures of 250Nm, and hence is believed to be smoother and more efficient.

Also featuring in the PowerShift Automatic gearbox is a very intelligent technology called Grade Assist, which smartly down shifts the gear while ascending or uses engine braking while going downhill. However, the driver can switch on or off this function by the push of a button next to the gear lever.

Hill launch assist is another feature of the PowerShift Automatic gearbox. It prevents the car from rolling back when going on an inclined path or when reversing the car on an incline. This avoids the car from skidding, until the engine develops enough torque to pull out of the incline.

Micro Slip is another feature of the new Fiesta under which there is minor clutch slippage, which allows for smoother gearshifts and reduces Noise Vibration Harshness. It is also improves the efficiency by running at lower engine revs at higher gears.

Another feature, seen in most AT cars is the Creep-Forward function, under which the car creeps forward when you shift to Drive, with your foot still off the accelerator pedal. This helps in moving in close range traffics and during parking.

Neutral Coast Down allows the clutch to disengage during hard braking. When the wheels lock, there is load on the engine and this causes over-heating. With the transmission freewheeling, there is no load on engine.

The American giant is going to give more than a match to the C-Segment cars with this new Fiesta. Indiandrives will soon bring you the first drive.

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