Allegations against Porsche are baseless

Earlier we had reported on our site that Jaipur Court had issued warrant against Porsche Global CEO and other eight board members for the charges filed by its former importer. Now we learnt that those allegations are baseless and were framed without providing materialistic proof. Former importer filed the case keeping civil disputes of the ordinarily termination of contract in its main vision.

At present, the carmaker had made all the necessary requisites in order to quash those warrants and frameless legal proceedings. Its team of lawyers is tirelessly working to sort out the issue.

Allegations on Porsche are baseless
In a press release, Porsche said that it has high regard for the Indian Judicial System and is also confident to put a false tag on the negative charges against it.

Porsche proceeding is carried in Trial Court and High Court of Jaipur.

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