China Police of Shenzen will now patrol in BYD E6 EVs

After being emerged as the hotspot of every carmaker, China still prefers to drive EVs. These power efficient cabins are very well accepted over there.

Police vehicles make a remarkable importance in their local area. Sometimes it goes to an international level as well. It is because of their unparalleled uniqueness and rigidity which is viable from every bit of their metal.

Shenzen city of China will soon receive a lot of 800 EVs out of which 500 will be used for Police and the remaining 300 will added to the taxi fleets which had covered a total distance of 40 million kms as a whole. EV Taxis plying on the roads of China and Columbia (Bogota) is a common sight.

China Police of Shenzen will now patrol in BYD E6 EVs
BYD E6 works on an electric motor which can achieve a top speed of 140 kmph. On a single charge it can run to a distance of 300 kms or 186 miles.

We wish that this step should be adopted in India as well because the petrol prices over here are never going to take a halt. Mahindra new E20 might be able to help us in the near future because of its next to zero running cost.

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