Ambassador Now Officially Gets Upgraded to BSIV: Hindustan Motors

Recently made to the title of “best taxi in the world” by TopGear, Hindustan Motors now officially landed the BSIV variants too for Ambassador in repertoire for metro customers, who had been deprived of using the BSIII since April 2010.

Will also make debut of some boot trimmed metal (i.e. sub four meter sedan) in the coming years; the HM is expecting more of the sales to be conceived by this Ambassador. As using the 1.5L diesel engine, Ambassador wasn’t able to enter the taxi fleet of metro cities because of aforementioned BSIII reason, but now after passing the painful ARAI test in BSIV, further vision of India based carmaker now looks bright in the broad daylight. Hence, this will also give more hopes to Hindustan Motors in the city of ‘Kolkata’, which the brand had considered as one its largest regional market.

However, the production of BSIV start will from August 2013 in the Uttarpara plant of Hooghly, the deliveries may commence later this year.

Ambassador Now Officially Gets Upgraded to BSIV
“We are happy that our efforts have borne fruit and we have received certification from ARAI after passing rigorous tests. This has demolished the myth that Hindustan Motors cannot upgrade its existing engines,” said Uttam Bose, Managing Director and CEO of HM. “We expect our sales to grow significantly within a few months.”

Apart from just getting upgraded, Amby is also said to be done with more numbers of torque and power, improved gradient negotiating capacity, better cooling, and lastly the enhanced drivability, all that given for the cost of same astonishing fuel-efficiency.

Hindustan Motors

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