Mini Vision Concept previews 2014 Mini Cooper

Mini has officially unveiled the ‘Mini Vision Concept’ which basically previews the future designing of the next gen Mini cars. The company claims that the upcoming car Mini Hatchback will highlight some of the features from this concept but then it will also keep up with the retro look of the marque, Mini. This Vision Concept showcases an elegant exterior as well as futuristic electrical architecture. The Mini Vision Concept was unveiled at their designing studio located in Munich in Germany by the company’s designing boss, Anders Warming.

The upcoming 2014 Mini Cooper shares quite a number of features with this Mini Vision Concept. You can spot these similarities with just a quick glance at both the cars. As per the Concept, the 2014 Mini Cooper will show a redesigned hexagonal wide grille which is also incorporating the fog lights with the bumper. The car’s front fascia will also show LED head lights and this will have the day time running lights encircled around it. The most striking feature that you will see in the rear is the presence of dual exhaust pipe in the centre. Other notable features are the spoiler mounted on the tail gate and metallic accent.

Talking about the car’s aerodynamics, various techniques are used here as well by Mini. The new car shows air intake and outlets placed around the wheel arches in the front. The wheel rims have also been air optimized. This Mini Cooper will also show an air channeling roof spoiler.

Mini Vision Concept Previews
These are the new features that the 2014 Cooper will adopt. But it will also continue with some elements from its previous models to maintain the retro feel. These include the separating roof, glass house and car body, the chromed strip which is wrapping the car waist line as well as the black band surrounding the car’s lower edge.

Mini has said that the designing concept as well the structure composition have all been interpreted in the Vision concept. The company will be borrowing technology from the BMW’s i car range. With this, Mini has come up with light weight constructing techniques. One of these techniques is the extremely light weight and yet sturdy material which is called ‘ Organo Metal”.

Mini Vision Concept Previews Interiors

Like all the Mini models, the interior for 2014 Cooper has also adopted the symmetrical design philosophy. The car will see an open and transparent cock pit with a central floating console. One of the most remarkable features would be the Driving Experience Control system. This system allows the driver to change the colour scheme inside the car depending upon his mood. With this system, 2 settings are available in different colors using energy charged, clear light or dynamic or calm shades. The conventional door compartments will be replaced by elastic straps. The 2014 Cooper will also see lounge like seats for the first time.

The standard “Click System” has also been retained by 2014 Cooper but there are a few changes made. Be it a storage box o a small safe, a cup holder or a Smart phone holder, they can be removed and attached in a single move as per the requirement.

2014 MINI Vision design concept previews

MINI Vision design concept previews 2014 MINI Cooper

This car will be making its public appearance at the 2014 Los Angeles Motor Show. Post this an Indian launch might soon be announced. The brand has a huge following in India and is esteemed as a ‘Premium’ luxury hatchback. The entry level premium segment is dominated by Mercedes with its A and B class. In order to increase its volume of production, BMW will have to go for a CKD route.

Mini Vision Concept Previews Back View

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