An ATV launched by Students of K J Somaiya Engineering College

ATVs are much of utility rather than a show off, and their presences in India by Polaris with a few others had made it more mandatory for people who live in mountainous regions, huge agricultural fields, military bases, huge factory camps etc.

The student of K.J. Somaiya had just revealed their latest invention ATV which is tagged as Red Shift Car, RSR-13 powered by a 305 cc engine yielding out some astonishing grunts, enough to fulfill its duties up to the ultimate capability.

The BAJA Racing competition will define its future as it will collide with other 100 college inventions which are also in their full throngs, and all of them being developed by under graduate mastermind of future engineering developments.

Engineering Students Design All Terrain Vehicle

Ms Shubha Pandit, Principal K J Somaiya College of Engineering and also the pioneer of this felicitating output said, “Such an remarkable achievement is only possible through students yearlong hardwork and toil, the project promoted leadership, problem solving skills as well as engineering and business skills throughout the entire process of designing and building.”

Engineering Students

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