McLaren 2013 Formula One Car makes its debut

The testing for the formula one season 2013 is all set to start next week at Spain’s Circuito de Jerez, so all auto enthusiasts will be able to have the glimpse of Formula One cars of all the 11 teams that will be contending against each other in 2013.

The Lotus F1 was the first to reveal its new E21 chassis that looked quite similar to the last year’s E20 although that was kind off expected with the similarities in regulations of this year and last year.

The same is applicable with the McLaren’s MP4-28 race car that was revealed on 31st Jan at Woking and England. While McLaren claims that there has been enough changes, the MP4-28 looks almost as its predecessor to any average person.

The MP4-27 was one of the fastest car on the circuit last year but its reliability couldn’t followed its reputation and that led to Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button trailing the leaders at the end of the season.

McLaren's 2013 Formula One Car

Reliability of the mechanical component was the thing that took much of the engineer’s focus while designing the new car. The front suspension has been replaced with the pull rod configuration that seems quite similar to what Ferrari used last year.

McLaren bagged third spot at the constructor’s series while its driver Hamilton manages with fourth spot and Button have to be satisfied with fifth spot.

As like the other cars competing in the 2013 F1 season, MP4-28 will be housing a 2.4 litre V8 engine that will feature Kinetic Energy Recovery system. McLaren has again sourced the engine from Mercedes and 18,000 rpm limit and 90 degree design.

This is the last year for this configuration of engine as the coming 2014 season will be witnessing the introduction of the turbocharged 1.6 litre V6 engine in a quest to enhance efficiency.

Button will again be driving for McLaren this year and will be joined by Sergio Perez former Sauber driver. While Button is World Champion, the Perez has yet to bag a race in F1 but the 2013 season is yet to start and anything can change.

Ferrari has just confirmed that its new car will be called F138 and will be revealed on 1st Feb and will be followed by Red Bull Racing revealing RB9 and Mercedes coming up with its W04 on February 03 and 04 respectively.

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