Andy Murray Gets i8 After Winning BMW Munich Open 2015

Winning is not just everything, driving a supercar after that makes the moment more glorious for the winner. BMW thinking alike has gifted the British ace player Andy Murray an i8 for his victory at the Munich Open 2015 on Monday.

The UK born player has won the singles title at clay-court in Germany against the two-time former champion Philipp Kohlschreiber of Germany. The battle was on for three hour and four minutes, where Andy managed to register 7-6(4), 5-7, 7-7(4) to emerge victorious.

Thus, the winning not only brought Murray a piece of the future, as what the BMW says to i8, instead he too bagged the prize money of EUR80,000 ($89,000) which really made this prize mouth watering.

Andy Murray Gets i8 After Winning BMW Munich Open 2015

Hence, with the new i8 given as a prize has trickled the intention of BMW pushing more funds to promote the hybrid cars, which by any means the i8 is a masterpiece. Andy Murray deserves such a possession after his first title of clay-court.

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