Aston Martin Centenary celebrations held at Brands Hatch

Aston Martin has completed a glorious 100 years of power and speed. The historic company has celebrated this event in an iconic way. Thousands of fans and enthusiasts gathered at Brands Hatch to celebrate the Centenary festival on this weekend. The Centenary was held on the 6th and 7th of July 2013. A great show was organized for all the supporters which included terrific displays, breath taking parades and 12 exciting races including the 4th and 5th rounds of GT4 Challenge of Great Britain and the iconic 100 minutes GT Centenary Race which was the centre of attraction for this event.

Aston Martin is a British firm which is world renowned for its luxurious power packed sports car. This firm was established in the year 1913 in London. The company has completed its 100 successful and glorious years in the market. It has been serving racing enthusiasts all over the world for a century now. Aston Martin has been actively a part of many endurance championships and racing events. It has been an undisputed champion of the Le Mans races.

The company celebrated its century of hard and excellent work in the grandest way possible. The Centenary was a 2 day event held on the 6th and 7th July. The first day of the event was held on the 6th (Saturday) on th Indy circuit. The second day was held on 7th of July ( Sunday) which will use the Grand Prix Loop.

Aston Martin Centenary celebrations
Talking about the first day of the festival, it was started in the morning at 9 am for the 6 qualifying sessions with HRDC Allstars in charge of the wheels. The first race was seen by 11.45 am. The afternoon hosted pre war car races which even included priceless, St John Horsfall Memorial Trophy. One of the brands that joined the Pre War team challenge was Equipe GTS which is a 50s car. There was AMOC Intermarque as well. There were some celebrities at the event including Tom Onslow Cole and also the master chef, James Martin. James was seen in an Vantage GT4. The event also saw some great driving by FIA competitor, Bruno Senna.

Aston Martin Celebrates Centenary at Brands Hatch

The 2nd day saw a terrific 100 minute GT race which received participation from 44 Aston Martin GT racers. Some prominent faces behind the wheels were Stuart Hall, Johny Adam. AM chairman, David Richards was also seen competing. James Martin and Tom Onslow-Cole were seen on the 2nd day as well.

Aston Martin Celebrates

Martin said during the test drives that “What doesn’t Aston Martin mean to me? “What doesn’t Aston Martin mean to me? Everybody says Bond and stuff like that but what is great about this, is that you’ve got a mixture of the modern cars and the historic. You’ve got DB4s, DB5s roaming around here as well as the new stuff. “Favourite car to me, really, is the DB5, probably the DB5 Vantage, just because it’s so iconic really. But I’ve just seen a beautiful Zagato DB4, that’s probably the ultimate really isn’t it? Some pretty special cars here.”

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