Aston Martin Eyes 24 Hours Le Mans to Triumph its 100th Year Celebration

Le Mans is still months away but news keeps on pouring for this much talked about event.

A couple of days back we confirmed the entry of SRT Viper and now Aston Martin pops in our way.

The Aston Martin 100th year celebration started with Centenary Edition Models, then landing of Vanquish on top of Burj Al Arab in Dubai, later on a vintage car race in England and now an entry in 24 hours Le Mans. This luxury sports carmaker seems unstoppable as it keeps on adding events to the unending list.

Aston Martin Racing (AMR) wing is titled look after the underpinnings for Le Mans, as confirmed two Vantage GTEs for Pro class, and two for Am as well.

Aston Martin Race Cars
Relating to some technical cranks, the GTEs shares same platform, suspension system and engine of the original Vantage, as the production spec is an actual masterpiece derived for some extreme sports activity.

Aston Martin 100th year celebration

To confirm a position on podium, the F1 driver Brunno Senna will also be seen racing for AMR.

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