BMW 3-Series GT Revealed ahead of Geneva Debut

Competitively selling 3-Series, now BMW added Gran Tourismo (GT) to its key segment.

3-Series is a prominent buy among Mercedes Benz C class and Audi A4. To raise the caliber of this celebrated hero, Bavarian thought GT for the better standing in competition. Overall, it is a combination of sophisticated sedan being cloned in sporty dynamics.

Adding to the features, 3-series GT comes with frameless windows, aggressive front grille, tapering roof line which swiftly assimilates to the rear, subtle flowing body lines, larger tailgate and an extended wheelbase by 110mm. M Sport package also can also be escorted with this one, as M moniker GT includes aerodynamic body kit, shadow line trim, M sports suspension and 18” alloys.

BMW 3-Series

Last but not the least, a prominent active rear spoiler is also be spunked, which dwells itself upwards at 110 km/h (68 mph) and downwards at 70 km/h (43 mph), seems like Germans are waiving their hands to touch super ones of Ferrari, Lamborghini, Bugatti etc.

No such interiors differentiation is made, while a few can be named as raised seating position, larger legroom (due to larger wheelbase) and a noticeable boot space of 520 liters (18.3 cubic feet), which can be surged to 1600 liters (56.5 cubic feet) when second row seats are knocked down.

BMW 3-Series GT To Debut Ahead Back View

Under the hoods a number of displacement options are available, that are listed below:

[table id=95 /]

However, all of the cubic capacities will be attached with 6-speed manual and optional 8-speed automatic transmission.

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