Aston Martin May Employ Mercedes’ Engine

Aston Martin is the leading name in performance oriented cars, capable of doing Nurbringing at ease that too even deployed with the heavy dose of luxury, which makes this auto brand to stand out of the competing rivals in every positive sense. Well, the most exclusive part of this British brand is, they are famous for the limited numbers in their metal bugs, proving exclusivity at every stance, and the only auto brand that had enhanced image of James Bond to an additional notch. Well, the piece of news here is, Aston Martin is seeing to get the engines from Daimler, owner of Mercedes Benz.

As learnt, the talks of Daimler and Aston Martin are on initial stage for supplying components, and also working with the British car brand on their technical assistance.

Aston Martin could use Mercedes engines
The discussion is sparked off between German officials and bosses of Aston Martin namely Investindustrial and the recently added, Kuwait based Investment Dar.

Taking notches further, a spokeswoman of Daimler is heard saying, there is no concrete confirmation on this collaboration, but “both sides know and respect each other very much”. In spite of not just only the engine sharing, tie-up may also lead to platform sharing of SLS (supercar) platform with the Martins, posing as an ideal name in the business deal for now.

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