BMW 7 Series Facelift Adds More Notches of Luxury: Test Drive, Review

Just recently launched with a huge fanfare BMW 7 Series facelift is the true definition of luxury, as claimed by its makers, but what does the luxury has stored in new form, we had test driven it and found out what’s is the difference between both the generations. As learnt, the 7 Series was already vying for a makeover which now the automaker had finally made available after the long era of quench. Whatever, it maybe, is latest the best? Let’s find out.

Engine and Performance:

Starting from the main change in this newbie, BMW had deployed 8 speed gearbox unlike to that of 7 speed on the previous generation, feels quick, smooth, and can maintain really high speed at lower RPMs, and at the same time efficient too. Must say, it was a need of the hour on such a costly bug, which now the Bavarian had fuelled our desire fruitfully. The cruising part will also not let you down on the rush. Talking about engine, 7 Series facelift holds the same 2993cc straight-six diesel jag, but as learnt the power is enhanced by 9 bhp and even 0-100 km/h is also upped by a complete whole second, claiming plot at 6.6 second. Lower range is pretty good but if one rally wants to face the heat of engine, then he need to dab at mid range, it will take the same plight till the pointer reaches red line, leaving us with a different sort of experience behind the steering wheel. Here, we are thanking BMW for bestowing us with the 8 speed gearbox, which it had sorted out almost all the lacking that was witnessed on past generation’s drivetrain. Even more, for those who chooses efficiency over the performance, there are four modes to choose from suiting their driving experience, out of which one is Eco Pro, it damps down the throttle responses and adjust the air con to reduce load on engine for maximum efficiency. Just like old 7 Series, new ones also rides smoothly, but at the higher revs there feels a vertical movement on rear seats, and specifically when the mode selected is “Comfort”, while it reduces a bit when the tagging is shifted to “Sports”  but it doesn’t get healed completely.

BMW 7 Series Facelift


BMW 7 Series is for those who always want to be lugged around by luxury, not even missing a thing even when they are travelling. One can conclude that, it is whole office, running in the form of a yacht, and gobbles up everything that is thrown to it on the roads (or tarmacs). Taking the pitch at rear seats, it is the place where most of its customers would spend time, rather than the pilot position, is now trimmed from sides and made slimmer than before so that one may get a clear view of what is going on the front, and too it feels airy. Cabin is more silent than before, seems BMW had taken the complaints of existing customers seriously and had yielded improved insulation on the skirts. Really, the outer world tends to get disconnected when one sits inside ‘BMW 7 Series facelift’. Remarkable flip on this 7 from inside is new chrome strips running across the dashboard, giving luxurious temptation for just an additional half notch and the brand new instrumentation makes our eyes refreshed, which was sore seeing the same for quite a long time, and as well they also change color depending upon the driving mode selected. In last, iDrive system has also been updated to get the proper derivations of “facelift” tagging.

BMW 7 Series Interiors


There are not much of the remarkable changes on exteriors; one literally has to view under the microscope for getting new things spotted out. Well, we just are the auto fanatics, so we did our job without using microscope, and hence brought down to you the differentiation, Naming them on fronts, kidney grilles now sport only 9 slats instead of 12 in the previous generation and is also positioned in a bit upright manner, new LED corona rings, and the all new yet fresh and sporty front fender, stretched across the overall front to suck air away from tyre to reduce the drag. At rear the tail lamps are all new and a chrome strip runs cross the back to ensure luxury and niche factor from every bit.

2013 BMW 7 Series Facelift BMW 7 Series Facelift 2013


BMW 7 Series facelift is powerful and more luxurious than the previous generation, which the Bavarian had worked significantly in the areas which it was lacking previously; naming them cabin noise was terrific in the old ones. Gearbox is boon to new generation and really had screeched tremendous improvement on the drive, not just on papers. Taking comparison with all its leading competitors, (old) flagship 7 Series was dooming in the dark by new tweaks on Audi A8 and Jaguar XJ. We are now eagerly waiting for the Mercedes Benz to answer this with its new S Class.

New BMW 7 Series Facelift


  • Type    6 cyls, 2993cc, turbo-diesel
  • Power    255bhp at 4000rpm
  • Torque    57kgm at 1500rpm


  • Gearbox    8-speed automatic


  • Length    5219mm
  • Width    2142mm
  • Height    1481mm
  • Wheel base    3210mm

Chassis & Body

  • Tyres    245/55 R17

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