Audi A8 facelift is in progress

Audi had launched its Audi A8 to give a tough competition to the highly esteemed Mercedes Benz S- class. Now it is refreshing its contender’s look. Audi is working on the facelift of its Audi A8. This new facelifted version will be seen at the 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show which will be held in September this year.

Audi AG, popularly called as Audi is a German automobile and motorcycle designer as well as manufacturer. Audi vehicles have a worldwide market and are manufactured and assembled in 7 countries around the world. Audi is largely owned by Volkswagen which owns 99.5% of its shares since the year 1966. Audi was established by August Horch. Horch translates to ‘listen’ which in Latin becomes “Audi”. Audi is among the top 3 luxury car makers in the world. The other 2 are BMW and Mercedes Benz.

Audi A8 is a luxury sedan manufactured by Audi in the year 1994. This car became popular due to its first ever use of an aluminium chassis in a passenger car. This car stayed in the market till 2002 when it was replaced by its second generation successor. The present Audi A8 is the third generation model and was unveiled in the year 2009 at Miami Motor Show. The car was launched in the year 2010 and unlike the previous models, made use of an MLB platform. The car still makes use of an aluminium chassis which makes this car lightest in weight in the luxury sedan segment offering a 4-wheel drive. The car offers an 8 speed tiptronic transmission.

Audi A8 facelift

Talking about the facelifted Audi A8, the car will get a newly designed grille. The bumper to has been remodeled. The head lights as well the tail lights have been upgraded to give the car an exotic look. The exhaust pipes have been integrated with the rear of the car. This facelifted version will be using matrix LED head light. This head light will posses 25 beams of LED which will be locked together in a group of 5 along with reflectors. This use of matrix light is currently banned in America. Audi while explaining about the Matrix headlights said that it can “blank out light that would shine directly onto oncoming and preceding vehicles, but continues to cast the high beams with full power on all other zones between and beside them.”

The functioning of these LED head lights is highly automatic. They don’t need servo motors and are capable of adjusting the focus depending upon the traffic conditions. They are also compatible with the night vision system, an optional feature offered by Audi.

New Audi A8 facelift

The car will be available with various engine options. You can expect a 3 litre V6 TDI, a 3 litre V6 TFSI, a 4 litre V8 TFSI and a 4.2 litre V8 TDI. The car will also use a twin turbo charged V6 engine with a diesel carrying capacity of 3 litres. The car will also make use of the latest turbo diesel V8 engine having a 4.2 litre capacity.

The interior houses an upgraded instrument cluster and infotainment system. The car will have an Audi’s Connect multimedia system. It will offer in-car access to the internet, read outs of mails as well as Google Maps Street View.

Audi A8 facelift Back View

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