Audi confirms A3, A4 and Q7 Plug-In Hybrids for 2014

Audi is revving up to plug-in competition and next in line is the A3. We bought you the news of Audi brining back the R18 quattro at Le Mans with an e-tron variant to join the team. They celebrate the one-of-a-kind e-tron department and a R&D center for electric drive systems at the German headquarter of Ingolstadt.

The race of plug-in doesn’t seem to end at Le Mans. Audi is bringing a whole new line-up of electrified e-tron variants in as near as 2014. Audi CEO Rupert Stadler confirmed that an A3 plug-in hybrid model is in development and will be available in markets by 2014. He also revealed that plug-in variants of the next-gen A4 and Q7 models will soon follow into the market, with the introduction of a redesigned A6L later this year.

Audi confirms A3, A4 and Q7 Plug-In Hybrids for 2014

Audi plans to introduce the plug-in hybrid technology with a new face. Plug-in Hybrids are deemed as low quality, less efficient machines. The German automaker wants to revolutionize the idea of plug-in hybrids as an elementary requirement to increase the range of electric vehicles.

We will also see the automaker’s first electric supercar, R8 e-tron supercar to go on sale next year. These models are powered by electric motors that have enhanced performance by a small capacity combustion engine.

The officials announced Audi’s ambitions to become the world leader of electrified cars in luxury segment by end of the decade. It has already started working on this plan by introducing the e-tron variant in all the models of current segment.

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