Audi embracing new retail concep, Audi City, in London

Going for test drives have always been the choice of car buyers to judge the performance of a car. But with technological advancements people can now make themselves acquainted about features, specs, performanceof a car in many other ways. As soon as car enthusiasts carry out research on internet about the cars of their choice, they get a gamut of information related to the cars. This certainly helps them a lot prior to opting for test drives. Audi now seems to have pulled its socks up to introduce something similar for its buyers. But still the logic behind the introduction of Audi City retail concept isn’t clear. With such introduction of retail concept, the automaker has now joined the league with BMW (Brand Store in Paris) and Lotus.

The automaker has brought in the concept in posh locations, like Central London, where customers will be entertained by product experts and Customer Relationship Managers. These company officials will answer the questions of company’s future and current customers about the brand in every possible detail.

Audi embracing new retail concep Audi City in London

The Audi City will display every single car in Audi’s lineup. Life size images of the cars will be displayed in the retail concept. However, popular models of Audi will be shown on the floor. The description through virtual model has been given very good technological touch. Future buyers will now have a choice of looking at their car in a given color and with preferred configuration

The best thing about the Audi City spots is that the retail concept will be paired with one dealership, which in turn ensures easy arrangement of test drives. The retail concept will now enable the brand to reach out to places where dealerships were previously not supported. Moreover, the retail concept will now take the company-customer relationship beyond sales relationship.

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