Pros and Cons of Electric Cars

Electric cars, popularly known for their eco-friendly features are a new trend in the market. More and more people these days are becoming environment conscious and this is a best product to use for anyone looking for greener tomorrow. These electric cars work on the electrochemical cells.

They are also called as Battery Electric Automobile as they are equipped with inbuilt battery packs. Hence unlike other cars that use conventional energy sources, these cars run on electricity. They are definitely a need of the hour as with every passing moment the sources of energy are depleting and the world is facing a grave problem of global warming.

Pros and Cons of Electric Cars

Benefits of using Electric Cars

  • Reduced dependence on fossil fuels: As these cars run on electricity, strain on the depleting fossil fuels like petroleum and gas is reduced.
  • Cleaner than regular vehicles:  As electric cars use electric generators and refined motors, these cars emit lesser carbon dioxide than conventional vehicles. Total carbon dioxide emission from an electric vehicle is as much as 50% less than the cars that run on fossil fuels.
  • Decreased greenhouse gas production: Use of conventional vehicles is responsible for generating massive amount of greenhouse gas emission.
  • Cost- effective: An electric car runs on electrochemical cells that use electricity to power the engine. Due to this charging the electric batteries is lesser expensive than regular energy sources.
  • Efficient performance: Electric car are compact, light in weight and also safer than most vehicles. Also they are easy to handle and exceptionally fit for use in big cities, which usually has congested roads.

Loss of using Electric Cars

  • Inconvenience: Often the problem involved in using an electric car is the fear that the user might at the most unexpected time run out of power supply and if this happens there is no easier way out of the situation. But this problem can be solved by provision of public charging stations
  • Storage problem: The batteries used in these cars to store electric energy are not very user-friendly. They are complicated to understand for a lay man.
  • Long hours of charging: Electric cars require charging their battery and it can take up to twelve hours to completely charge these batteries. One cannot risk not charging the battery to the fullest as it can end up putting them at chance of getting abandoned.
  • Limited speed range: Electric cars do not have a very large range, their speed limit is much less than the cars that run on conventional fuels. This factor can discourage many from buying electric cars and this can lead to much unwanted inconvenience.
  • Not as eco-friendly as assumed: Electricity used to run these cars is produced from coal, gas, water and nuclear plants. Due to this production of electricity increases and to a limit affects the environment.
  • Battery problem: The batteries used in electric cars are Lithium- ion batteries.  They have a problem of suffering performance wise and unpredictable shelf life.

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