Audi financial, new tactics to maintain the momentum

segment has been an inspiration for many a company to offer financial assistance to propel their next phase of ascent. The latest new that is filtering out is German auto giant, the luxury car maker, Audi India is mulling to float its own financial assistance arm in the New Year.

Director of Audi India, Michael Perschke, was quoted as saying, that by the first quarter of 201,1 the finance arm of Audi India will appear on the Indian horizon. Replying to a question, he further insisted in pointing out that Volkswagen, the German group company, has already got its finance arm registered in India. Audi would launch this finance arm as a completely independent entity according to media reports.

Audi which sold a remarkable 3003 units in the year 2010 aims to overshoot this record and sell around 4,500 in this year. The director of Audi India also mentioned the customer profile which has undergone a sea change over a decade. It was mentioned that the average age of an Audi owner was 55 yrs 10 years ago but now has come down sharply to 35 yrs.

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