Audi India has no plans to enter the small car market

The Indian luxury car market is getting on a high pace and the three big German automakers are fighting it out there in a tight competition.

Mercedes and BMW are thinking of bringing their small cars to Indian market to open their doors for much wider audiences. This is mainly a step taken to boost the sales figures and give an edge to the auto maker over its rivals.

However, their German brother Audi has some different thoughts. Audi has already established a strong hold in India and is running at par with the BMW to get the number one crown in the Indian luxury car market. Audi is not considering getting into the small car market to become the market leader, as the small car may dilute its brand image. For now Audi is mainly concentrating on its premium sedan range and Q series SUVs in India.

Audi India has no plans to enter the small car market
Michael Perschke, Head Audi India, told to Economic Times that their top model strategy has been quite successful in Indian market. Company has already selling its top end A8 sedan in the Indian market along with the other high end model. He also added that company is not considering on any plans to launch small cars in the market like Audi A1 or other smaller cars as small car will be diluting its brand image.

If Audi loses its position in the market due to entry level models by other luxury auto maker over the next couple of years, then Audi will have to change its stand on the small cars and brand dilution.

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