Audi India Launches Audi A6 in Hyderabad

Audi India recently launched the Audi A6 in its Hyderabad market. The executive class sedan is priced ranging between INR 38.37 lakhs to INR 47.84 lakhs, according to ex-showroom prices in Hyderabad. During the launch of the car in Hyderabad, the company’s Managing Director, Rajiv Sanghvi, was quoted as saying that the new Audi A6 is packed features light aluminium construction, whereas its new design embodies both elegance and athleticism.

Available in four different variants, the starting price for the A6 2.0 TDI is INR 38.37 lakhs, the A6 2.8 FSI is INR 40.61 lakhs, the A6 3.0 TDI is INR 47.78 lakhs, while the A6 3.0 TFSI is INR 47.84 lakhs, all according to ex-showroom prices in Hyderbad.

This sedan is a successor of one of their most popular executive sedans boasting of innovative technologies and aluminum components. This car is the seventh generation Audi A6 launched in the Indian auto market.

The head of the company, Michael Perschke, said in a company statement that with the launch of Audi A6 they are meeting their commitments of a top down strategy in the Indian auto market. This car is a right blend of design features from A7 Sportback and advanced technology of the A8 L.

Audi managed to sell around 3,003 cars in India last year. The company expects to cross the 5,000 sales mark this year boosted by the slew of new launches they have had in this fiscal.

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