Swift Sport to make its debut in Frankfurt

Ahead of the launch of the 2011 Maruti Swift in India, parent company Suzuki are already in the process of launching the Sport variant in the upcoming Frankfurt Motor Show. The recently concluded Geneva Motor Show had shown the automotive public the S-Concept. However, we Indians can only salivate at that thought. This is because Maruti is still tight lipped about the launch of this car in India. For some news dope on this, the Swift Sport is actually a tradition that Suzuki has been continuing since the time this car was launched in Europe. Unfortunately, as of now, only Europe enjoys the benefits of having this car and the rest of the world can only think about this.

The Swift Sport uses the same engine block as the SX4 in India. The 1.6 liter petrol unit that it uses is of the M16A series. However, in the lighter Sport, it is tuned for more torque and also Bhp. 134 Bhp of power and 160 Nm of torque is what this engine is capable of producing in the Swift Sport. Moreover, with VVT, this engine is more of a free revving one and is always eager to visit its redline. Transmission duties are ably handled by an all new 6 speed manual. Conservative estimates say that this Swift is capable of 0-100 times within 10 seconds and top speed would also be approximately in the 200 kmph region. To handle all this power, Suzuki have revised the suspension and made it harder enough. The rear suspension struts have been heavily reworked upon and even the front dampers have got new rebounding properties. Needless, to say, for its hot hatch looks, Suzuki have also kitted it with all those bodywork elements that would definitely scream that there is something sinister about this car, under the hood. The safety aspect also hasn’t been compromised and infact there is more on offer than even the Hyundai i20. Heard of 7 airbags in a hatch? Well, the Sport carries it. Plus EBD, ABS and ESP also.

Now, Maruti, how about plonking this motor under the hood of the about to be launched Swift and bringing it to India. We are sure that there would be many takers for this. Better still, how about putting the SX4’s variable geometry turbo 1.3 liter diesel engine with 90 Bhp on tap? Are we asking for more here?

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