Audi now also a magazine in India

Car manufacturers are on a high roll this year, especially in consideration with one of the fastest growing automobile market all across the world, Indian automobile market. Let’s go step wise. First, various companies launched their new vehicles. Second, to recording a high sales figure and third, all the famous auto giants pooling in their resources in the market. But if you think that’s all wait there is one more piece of news to be added before we can use a full stop. So, the latest news has been brought right from the Germany. The German auto giant Audi has now launched it auto magazine Audi in India too. This auto magazine in India was launched on 21st February. Though this event was held on a low key,  still there were two famous personalities present to mark the launch of this new magazine. With a much stylised corporate look, Shamita Shetty was standing right besides former cricketer Ravi Shastri accompanied with Michael Perschke, Head Audi India and Clemens Ollmert, Marketing Head, Audi India.

Michael Perschke seems to be really happy with this launch, while he made his little speech. He said that, “by this new magazine we want to cater to a ‘class above’ clientele in this country and also wants to show them what Audi is made up of and what it is capable to deliver.” This magazine is both a trend setter as well as informative. This magazine is supposed to keep Audi’s customer base updated of their newest offerings as well has what happening in the automotive world. Besides being a good marketing stunt for the company itself, this magazine will also improve the customer’s knowledge as of what is happening all across the globe, as this magazine will be incorporating both the international news as well as the domestic news about the automotive market. This magazine is also said to feature well known auto journalist, photographers as well as graphic designers.

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