Audi Q3 Off-Road Style Package Unveiled At Worthersee

As rugged as it looks, it still boasts more provision to lug additional off-road equipment just to lift its image of not only a city dweller. The Q3 of Audi had proven that at Worthersee showcased with an off-road style package.

Specifically, the compact SUV holds ruggedized bumpers, revamped side skirts and freshly made trim of wheel arches. In addition, the model also boasted running boards of stainless steel and the additional Quattro badge.

The other notable changes that followed the aforementioned list are luggage box on the roof and steel pedal caps. But the trick that dramatized the whole vehicle was its couple of 10-inch tablets placed before the rear passengers, which can also be taken out of the vehicle. Actually, they aren’t reported as a part of the package, but buyers can avail it in the optional list from Audi showrooms after summer.

Audi Q3 Off-Road Style Package Unveiled At Worthersee

Audi Q3 Off-Road Style Package Unveiled Audi Q3 Off-Road Style Package Unveiled

Hence, as far as we believe, there isn’t any resurrection made under the bonnet. Those same engine options of petrol and diesel seem carried over.

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