Audi Q3 to come into India soon

The BMW X1’s success in the Indian market hasn’t gone unnoticed by its rivals like Audi and Mercedes. While Mercedes are totally mum about any prospects of bringing in an X1 rival, Audi have already chalked plans of getting in the Audi Q3 into the Indian market. In 2007, Audi had showcased a concept car named as the Cross Coupe and the new Audi Q3 is based on this same car. This new car however is built on the Volkswagen Tiguan platform and would almost be identical in the length, breadth and other dimensions to its Volkswagen compatriot. Unlike the BMW X1, the Audi Q3 would be priced higher and this Audi says is to give the customers a general perception of better quality and value.

Like its expected higher pricing than the X1, this car would also bring in many features like ambient lighting, an efficiency program showing on board computer, MMI interface, sports seats with electrical adjustments, ambient lighting, panoramic sunroof and also adaptive xenon headlights. This front wheel driven car is said to be more spacious than the BMW X1 and would be a proper 5 seater instead of the 4 seat configuration that the BMW X1 brings in to the equation. Moreover, the Audi Q3 will also have a boot space of 470 liters which can be expanded to 1380 liters. The rear uses 4 link units and front gets independent suspension. The Q3 would weigh only 1500 kgs and this is in its highest trim level with Quattro. There would be 4 engine options on offer, 2 petrol and 2 diesel. The petrol engines would be 2 liter ones as also the diesel ones. The less powerful of the 2.0 liter petrol engine would have 168 Bhp of power whereas the more powerful motor would have 211 Bhp. Of the diesels, one motor would bring in 140 Bhp in the equation whereas the other one would bring in 170 Bhp. The latter would sport Audi’s patented Quattro system. Of more importance would be the price of this car and that would be around Rs 23-34 lakhs. This vehicle would however make its Indian debut only by 2012.

9 thoughts on “Audi Q3 to come into India soon

  1. Audi is always nice whether u talk for performance or quality & again it is delivering that. Its to beautiful.

  2. Waz thinking of buying a car for my fiance alice by next year and i am realy excited for the launch of audi q3 ,,,,,

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