Tata and Fiat may also have a look at the Maruti recall

Well, we had recently covered the news about Maruti Suzuki India Limited recalling their diesel engined cars which were manufactured during a certain period due to faulty connecting rod bolt. Since this diesel engine is sourced from Fiat and Tata as also Fiat use this same engine for various cars in India, it is most likely that their cars would also be affected. Fiat have traced the root of this problem as one Italian supplier who actually provided a compromised lot of bolts which weren’t made to Fiat’s specifications. As of now, both Tata as also Fiat are mum about the recall however since those engines were manufactured between 13 November and 4 December 2010, there are high chances that Tata and Fiat cars would also be affected. Maruti did the right thing by accepting their fault and calling in the vehicles for a safety check and also replacing those bolts.

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