Audi R8 worth Rs. 1.8 crore catches fire near Bandra Worli Sea Link of Mumbai | Watch Video

Audi and other German cars are known for their high standard of safety features, which are capable of surviving almost any given condition. Still there are some exceptions to it like various driving etiquettes, gear shifts at certain RPM etc and these norms are meant to be followed very strictly in order to reach the sophisticated output.

Yesterday in Mumbai an Audi R8 was seen burning near the iconic Bandra Worli Sea link, which was swooping with the convoy of Gautam Singhania’s Super Car Club Rally at its own abnormal stride. Yet, the cause of fire has not yet surfaced but research work is going to arrive on a conclusion.

Gautam Singhania had confirmed that it was not a part of the SCC horses but an outsider who is trying to grab most of the vying glitterati. He is also curious to be briefed about the reason for same.

Audi R8 burns at supercar rally in Mumbai

Michael Perschke – the Audi India Head, and a part of event, echoed the similar statement. He too added that, media houses can reach Audi’s PR for the unexpected.

Car drivers were rescued safely before it was too late, close aides of SCC Chairman and the top brass itself ran first for the safety of others. They made calls to fire brigade and other emergency machinery, which did their job strategically without wasting even a nanosecond.

Audi R8 burn

Burnt mess had created a long serpentine queue on the sea link for a couple of hours. Though traffic police got their hands very handsomely to ease congestion, otherwise waiting clock would have shown some more hours on the dial.

We are eagerly waiting for carmaker to release its official statement, which we hope will dust off issues from their side.

Audi R8

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