Audi R8 Catches Fire In London

Audi R8 is an enthralling German car that can be taken to work daily. However, after spending such a huge amount of money on it, it seems the safety of the car and passengers is overlooked by Audi and one can face ruckus amidst his speeding dream on the commuting roads.

However, one such example had happened in London recently where an Audi R8 caught fire. The car was a V10-powered badge and grey colored.

Incident took place at Ruislip in Northwest London.

Audi R8 Catches Fire In London

The fire erupted from engine compartment, and doused the whole car. Due to extreme heat the car was melt down. The cabin and hoods have smelted.

Cause of the fire remained unknown. And it seems the carmaker didn’t pay any heed to get to learn the cause behind it. That said because, the same type of incident too happened in Mumbai apparently a year back, but Audi did nothing to overcome it.

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