Audi RS7 Facelift Launched For Rs 1.4 Crore Ex-Showroom Mumbai & Delhi

It wasn’t an ordinary for Audi India today.  The most aspirated performance car of its lineup, RS7, is launched with a facelift in India. The car was made available on the sales floor of its showroom for a price of Rs 14,020,759 ex-showroom Mumbai and Delhi.

The aficionados of Audi may know it very well, this car was already present on the streets of India from last year, and this time it is the facelift.

On account of amendments carried out, it was the front fascia which witnessed the major amount of resurrections. The front grille, new headlamps, and bumper are there to name as of now. On its rear, the tail lamps too are replaced along with the fresh set of alloy wheels.

If the engine is on minds everyone, let’s brief about it. The 4.0-litre V8 TFSI (petrol) makes the maximum power of 560bhp and 700Nm of torque which is clearly insane of this four-door coupe passenger to experience the thrill of 0-100 in 3.9 seconds. And its maximum top-speed is 255km/h which can get notched to 280km/h or 305km/h on selecting the Dynamic package.

Audi RS7 Facelift Launched

The cylinder on demand function allows the user to make use of only four cylinders out of eight, if not needed (especially in the urban traffic jams and such claustrophobic conditions), which in return can deliver more efficiency and less carbon emissions. As per the official figures, Audi has mentioned, RS7 facelift sips 9.8 litres of fuel per 100 kilometres.

Audi RS7 Facelift Launched For Rs 1.4 Crore

Must not forget, the RS7 facelift also gained changes inside cabin, which results as redefined central console, new air-condition vents and paddle shifters. The Multi Media Interface (MMI) Plus infotainment of Audi now receives Nvidia graphics processor for better interaction.

Audi RS7 Facelift Launched For Rs 1.4 Crore

Hence, that was all to say as of now. Stay tuned to us for more automotive details.

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