Maruti Swift Celebrates 10 Years And 13 Lakh Sales In India

The favourite hatch of all time, Maruti Swift celebrated 10 years in India. Alongside the celebration, the maker also raised a toast for its 13 lakh Swift sales. On sale in the country since 2005 with 1.3-litre petrol, it was introduced with 1.3-litre diesel only in 2007. No amendments made until 2010 when the maker brought us 1.2-litre K-Series petrol engine with a minor facelift.

Then, the next year Maruti launched a new model called as second-generation which took the market once again by a storm. The old ones were seen getting replaced with the new face. After all, the modern day Swift was different on the aesthetics but was same from behind the steering to tickle the taste buds of its lovers.

The first-gen model crossed 500,000 sales before moving off the production line. It’s the second-gen that hit the aim of more than 10,00,000 cars in September 2013. It was last year when maker announced facelift to the second-gen model and added new features to spruce up the oomph factor.

Maruti Swift Celebrates 10 Years And 13 Lakh Sales In India

Now, after a decade and 13 lakh sales of Swift, Maruti is hoping to launch the new premium hatchback called YRA in India, which may take on the plight of this segment further. Yet, no one can replace the Swift and the message seems loud and clear with its sales figure.

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