Audi Showcases Chauffeur of the Future: Watch Video

Audi is known for the technologically advanced cars. To convey that message clear to the audience, Audi released a video of same, in humorous tone, which is actually been conveyed by a chauffeur.

The technologies that were drawn to the automotive industry during the earlier days, and also which are going to come in the near future, are portrayed in the video of Audi. The clipping claims that chauffeur will be more relaxed in the near future if they would drive the Audis, and would also be earning a handsomely.

Ingolstadt based carmaker also seems accepting challenges by every passing day, and has confirmed to be proving more of the tech-based applications at the upcoming CES 2014.

Audi Showcases Chauffeur of the Future

Jargons like 4G/LTE connectivity is presently enhancing the driving experience, says Audi. Virtual Cockpit and MMI (multimedia interface) are going to be uncovered at the Las Vegas during the CES.

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