Audi registers the names for future models

Audi has been seen to register new names for its new high performance cars like the fuel-cell powered A7, Q2 and the SUV Q9. Looking at the applications and the trademark registrations that the company has made, some estimation can be made about the lineup of cars that Audi is planning to launch in the future. Though most of the trademarks that the company has registered will help in protecting the company’s intellectual property, they are all in correlation to the concepts on which the company’s cars are based.

One of the most notable trademark registrations is of the SUV SQ2, which is a high performance car that the company is planning to launch. It is a compact SUV which is suited for those customers who are looking for utility vehicles with high performance standards. A concept version of this car had already been revealed by Audi in 2012.

The Q4 has also been registered as it is expected to be one of the biggest rivals for Range Rover Evoque. Audi has also got the Q9 trademarked, which is considered to be one of the luxurious models that the company will produce with respect to its other cars like the Q7.

Audi registers the names for future models

Audi will also be launching other cars, which are fuel-cell powered, which the company is separately getting trademarks for, in the name of “f-tron.” It will be offering only two models of the fuel-cell powered cars at the moment, e.g. g-tron and the e-tron. These technologies make use of compressed natural gas or electricity.

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