Audi to go for pre-owned car business

Want to own an Audi? Don’t worry. It is a little easier now. Volkswagen group owned brand is going to start its own Pre-owned car business in India under the name of ‘Audi Approved Plus’ by the end of December.

According to the sources, the Audi Approved Plus showrooms will be having about 8-10 Audis at a time and that will be about 4 years old. According to a Audi dealer from Gurgaon a basic 2009 A4 model will cost anywhere around from Rs.18 to Rs.19 lakhs at the Audi Approved Plus outlets. The current price of the brand new Audi A4 is about Rs.30 lakh for the base model. Most of the Audi authorized dealers are thinking about opening the outlets near by the Audi Showrooms in various cities including Gurgaon.

Audi to go for pre-owned car business
The news has come after the price increase that was announced by the Audi India on Nov 15th that the price of the existing models will be increased about 5 percent by January 1st, 2013. However, the new overall market scenario is changing a little. The rise in the input cost and the depletion of the rupee value as compared to the dollar is another factor that compelled the company to increase its prices. The rising fuel prices have made Audi to rethink about its pricing strategy in Indian market. The company is also offering finance options through Audi finance to make customer purchase more attractive.

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