Red Bull Racing is now called ‘Infiniti Red Bull Racing’

Japanese automaker Infiniti and Red Bull racing has revealed their intention towards comprehensive extension of their mutual partnership which was in place since March 2011. This partnership will cause the Red Bull Racing to become Infinity Red Bull Racing and Infiniti will be marked as the main technical partner in the 2013 Formula One season.

President of Infinity, Johan de Nysschen, commented on the occasion that the first 24 months will be quite beneficial for both sides and the new deeper relationship will be bringing the enhanced advantage of the Infinity and Red Bull partnership in racing. Being the title partner Infinity will be having much more exposure for its brand, technology and products.

Red Bull Racing is now called 'Infiniti Red Bull Racing'
Red Bull racing’s Christian Horner said that both Red Bull Racing and Infinity are working on the number of initiatives since the beginning of their relationship back in march 2011. During the time, Infinity showed its true technical prowess and the company was quite impressed by the capability of the Nissan Motor Company. He also added that Infinity has taken leverage of the association with Red Bull Racing and Formula One quite effectively and has established itself as a known name in a short span of time. He also stated that these are the qualities that made Infinity capable to become the ideal and title partner of the Red Bull Racing.

The extended partnership that will be starting in the 2013 and will continue till the end of 2016 season will be witnessing a number of new technological intuitions. Chief Technical Officer of Red Bull Racing, Adrian Newey also welcomed the agreement. He said that Formula One offers tough engineering challenges on daily basis and with a sound partner like Infinity, Red Bull Racing will get a great platform to work together on technical issues such as Energy Recovery System for 2014 season.

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