Audi zooms past BMW as top player in Indian luxury vehicle segment

Audi has turned out to be the number one luxury vehicle seller in the Indian market as it has overpowered its competitor BMW with the aim to gain control in one of the globe’s most hopeful market.

The headship for German manufacturer comes in a period of 12 months of its edging past Mercedes Benz, the other associate German company.

BMW sold around 1,410 vehicle units during the initial quarterly period of this year (January-March 2013), a downslope of 40 per cent as compared to the 2,369 vehicle units it sold during the corresponding period of 2012.

Audi zooms past BMW
Audi sold approximately 2,616 vehicle units during the corresponding period at an augmentation of 15 per cent as against the 2,269 vehicle units the firm sold during the initial quarterly period of 2012.

Mercedes Benz remained ahead of BMW during the initial quarterly period as it marketed around 2,009 vehicle units at an increase of around 5 per cent during the period under review (Jan-Mar) 2013 as against it sold 1908 vehicle units during the corresponding period of 2012.

Mr. Michael Perschke, Audi India’s head, stated that the firm is positive of holding its top position.

“It is like a Formula One rivalry. The top group, the most excellent approach and the unsurpassed teamwork will turn out to be the champion. As a result, we are optimistic that we possess a grand group and we will fight head-to-head with rivalry,” Mr. Michael Perschke.

But, BMW stated that it is not bothered as it lost headship during first quarterly period.

“The BMW group is a very successful firm and carries on striving for a worldwide equilibrium in sales. As a result, we are not in a monthly contest in individual zones,” BMW’s representative added.

The marketplace had been buzzing with expectations of a management for Audi following BMW denied to share its sale facts with SIAM. Even as Siam officials showed anger over the move, BMW functionaries justified their negative response, stating SIAM rolls out wholesale facts (firm’s sales to traders) whilst it announces retail facts (sales lodged by traders).

The luxury vehicles market in the Indian market is expected to develop quickly by the coming time as the financial system begins picking speed and the figure of millionaires as well as billionaires go up.

At this time, the luxury vehicles market in the domestic market is sized at approximately 30,000 vehicles every year, though the deceleration in the economic system has experienced some force on demand.

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