Audi’s new dealership in Lucknow receives overwhelming response

Audi is a well perceived brand in India and this can be stiffed by tagging the sales figure of a newly opened showroom in tier-II city of Lucknow.

After a grand start in Kanpur (Oct 2012), Audi now had planned more dealerships for Interiors of India.

Presence of Mercedes Benz and BMW in Lucknow, is the tempting reason for this German car brand to mark a point there. After all, fare thing about this competition is that, carmaker received an unexpected booking of 50 vehicles in Kanpur- Lucknow region before the opening. It all happened in a span of three months, said Niraj Srivastava, Head Sales of Audi India who is also very much excited with the figures. He too confessed that, it target selling 25 cars a month from Lucknow and Kanpur.

Audi new dealership in Lucknow

The four ringed luxury car marquee is going strong with 25 dealerships in the nation and a blue print of another 9 in 2013, majorly heading towards tier-II establishments.

Last year, Audi India showed up with a result of 9003 cars in the calendar 2012 against a target of 8000 units. On crunching the numbers of 2011 i.e. 5511 units sold, it clearly derives the brand’s thirst for reaching the top position by 2015.

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