Honda to Power its Plant with Wind Energy

Everybody is going a different way, which suited them best for saving our environment. Recently we got to know about the hydrogen fuel cell technology, now this Japanese carmaker plans to introduce wind energy at its Ohio plant.

It is going to be the first major Honda automobile plant in US which will be dependent exponentially on the wind power. Two wind turbines measuring 260 ft in height will be install inside the facility premises which can generate 10,000-megawatt hours per year, approximately the 10% of total annual consumption.

Seeing to Honda, Ford and General Motors also announced the adoption of eco friendly solar system for their manufacturing camp.

Honda plant to tap wind energy
As per calculations, Wind mills will start functioning at the end of this year which will reduce CO2 emissions by 30 % in 2020, on compared with levels of Year 2000.

Gary Hand, VP of Honda Transmission said that the initiative is well received by neighborhood and township, as it going to reduce hazardous carbon footprints on our eco-system.

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