Auto companies post mixed sales figures; optimistic about festive season sales

Indian auto companies posted mixed sales figures for the month September this year, but they are hopeful that the imminent festive season would improve suppressed demand.

Maruti, the biggest passenger car manufacturer in the country, sold 93,988 units in September this year, up 9.8 per cent from 85,565 units in the corresponding period of last year.

Maruti’s domestic sales increased 12.7 per cent, from 78,816 units to 88,801 units; but its exports under slipped 23.1 per cent, from 6,749 units in September 2011 to 5,187 units in September 2012.

Auto companies post mixed sales figures; optimistic about festive season sales

Chennai-headquartered Hyundai Motor suffered a decline of 7.3 per cent in sales, from 57,804 units in September 2011 to 53,558 units in the same month of this year. Its domestic sales slipped 14.2 per cent, from 35,955 units to 30,851 units; however, its export jumped 3.9 per cent, from 21,849 units to 22,707 units.

Hyundai is optimistic that festive season would boost demand for cars in the country. Rakesh Srivastava, vice president of national sales at Hyundai Motor, said, “We expect the suppressed demand would improve on account of festive purchases as the demand peaks during this period.”

Tata Motors too suffered a decline of 4 per cent in sales in September year-on-year. Its domestic sales slipped 3 per cent, from 72,566 units to 70,332 units; while exports slipped 12 per cent, from 6,217 units to 5,441 units.

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