Auto Expo 2014: Renault unveils Kwid concept

Renault has unveiled its concept car, the “Kwid” at the Auto Expo 2014. Renault has pointed out that this concept car shows the commitment of the company towards the Indian markets, which also show the ability of the company in the compact car segment. The car has been designed to meet the requirements of young customers with a fun yet robust design along with the latest technologies.

The oversized wheels of the vehicle protrude past the fenders, which not only makes the car look like a bouncy vehicle but also like a buggy car. Coming to the interiors of the car, it is said that the design is inspired from a bird’s nest. The seats that are suspended over a solid white base give an impression of the car being extremely light weighed.

The Kwid concept features ventilation through concentric perforations along with rear air conditioning controls on the driver seat. In order to provide a user friendly navigation system, the dashboard of the car comes with an integrated tablet.

Renault Kwid concept

Renault Kwid concept Back View

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