Auto rickshaws in Chennai soon to have GPS: Mumbai gang rape effect

As a result of gang rape in Mumbai, the whole nation is in the wraith of grief shock, and everyone out there is looking for the measures how to make themselves safe from such sorts of perverts. In addition, to an unending number of suggestion and steps that came in front in front of us to make our country safer than before, it’s now the unique step the government had taken to shield women in Chennai who travel in auto-rickshaw.

Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J Jayalalithaa had announced that auto rickshaws in Chennai shall have the GPS (global positioning system) facility in their vehicle. In addition, the rickshaw owners must also deploy a ‘panic button’ on the meters which can be put to use in case of any danger-type situation felt while travelling.

There are approximately 70,000 auto rickshaws plying on the roads of Chennai, which are expected to welcome this measure with a warm experience. No doubt that they may learn to use it with advent by the passing course of time, but at the initial stage some unobvious responses are not meant strange.

Auto rickshaws in Chennai to be fitted with GPS
“The operation of the auto-rickshaws will also be monitored effectively. In the event anyone travelling in an autorickshaw faces some danger, they can press the panic button fitted in the meter to alert police” Chief Minister J Jayalalithaa said in a statement.

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