Volvo teases new Concept C Coupe for Frankfurt: Watch Video

Frankfurt is becoming the center of the whole automotive world. Nonetheless, the Volvo also entered the same fray for stealing some of the headlights there with its mystery concept that was teased in the newly released video last night.

The video reveals nothing great about the upcoming car, but the Volvo’s chief designer, Thomas Ingelath, spotted saying, “the vanilla days are over”, which means more aggressive and constructive can be expected on the new car while the curves and other such sorts to left behind.

It wasn’t easy for us to unravel the images of smear from the video, but finally our video-editors at the backend got it picture-perfect with the help the various editing tools available with them.

It is now learnt the Volvo’s concept car bears the ‘C’ badge at the rear, yet no official confirmation on same, and a more prominent front grill to be seen with the effective air intakes at the upcoming Swede’s work in Germany. Overall stance appears to be of the ‘coupe’, which one of the British media had claimed it to be of the coupe version of S80 (meant to be of pronounce as C80 expectedly), where there aren’t any official confirmation of the same to be concluded at the moment now.

Volvo Teasing New Concept
Stay glued to us, we are going to cover its unveiling at the Frankfurt Motor Show on 29th August 2013.

New Concept C Coupe for Frankfurt

Volvo teases concept for Frankfurt show

Volvo teases new Concept C Coupe for Frankfurt

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