Backseat-driven Nissan Patrol in Dubai!

Well, all of us must be very familiar with the driver seat given on the front row of car. But what if we tell you that a tuner in Dubai has tuned an old generation Patrol which is meant to be driven from the rear seats rather than the front one, would you believe us? Definitely, one would say “NO”. And for that same reason we brought the photographs to this blog to prove our mettle in the said context.

After hearing this news from our friend, we too were not willing to believe it. But then, these snaps helped us to gulp down the aforementioned piece of news throat down out throat.

However, the tuner who had performed this “disastrously-fabulous” job is named as King of Custom, and is situated in Dubai.

But don’t get imitated by images that this tuned Nissan Patrol is only a cosmetic job; truly it can be functioned from the back seat just like any other car out there on the road.

Nissan Patrol takes back seat driving
Hope so, one may still have doubts that what we had said above is not true at all, and the snaps to an extent may have been photoshopped by us. Finally, we had posted down the video of this vehicle, so one can affirm such sort of species exists completely.

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